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paper cut eyelashes

I haven't posted to the public for a million years, but I just saw these incredible false eyelashes made from paper. I thought some of my friends list people would love these.

see more: http://www.paperself.com/ps  all.html

My Grand Opening

Had my Grand Opening on Friday!
It was packed!! Hope all these people come back : )

Averyboo Arts • Creativity Center For Kids


PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so incredibly happy right now.

Sarah Palin is the new George Bush

Check out Sarah Palin's debate speak vs what Bush said in *his* debates. IT'S THE SAME -- as in 4 more years of failure *wink*wink*

craft space

I was feeling like a bit of a slacker after reading odpeacock's update, so just to show you all that I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, here is a post about my new craft space.... I just finished it last week.

And since I *am* feeling like a slacker, I will just link you to my post in creative_spaces

.: product update :.
Now that I have a designated work space, I am developing a new necklace idea. Maybe I'll have one ready in a week or so.

4,000 American soldiers dead. So?

"....A reporter from ABC News this week told Dick Cheney, in regards to Iraq, "two-thirds of Americans say it's not worth fighting." Cheney cut her off with a one word answer: "So?"

"So?" As in, "So what?" As in, "F*** you. I could care less."

I would like every American to see Cheney flip the virtual bird at the them, the American people. Click here and pass it around. Then ask yourself why we haven't risen up and thrown him and his puppet out of the White House....."

Total misuse of the soldiers who lay their lives down in our name.

Ian Mann, Birmingham UK

Does anyone on here have Ian Mann's address?
He used to be a goth promoter & DJ in England and I've lost touch with him. He & Debz always send a Christmas card, but the envelope NEVER has a return address on it.

I want to send them a picture of my baby : )

.: product update :.

Just Added! Pocket-sized funeral home mirrors c.1940's

Holiday orders must be in by 12/7/07

Christmas deadline is Dec. 7th

** sorry, no custom brooches or International orders this year **

.: product update :.

New brooches added: http://www.gloomygoods.com

And here are some more goodies: